Black Currant Extract

Black currants have a very long history of use given their impressive list of nutritional and phytonutrient contents. They are greatly valued for their health-boosting influences on brain, digestive and eye health, and have a special affinity for helping to guard the lungs from irritants. A particular class of flavonoids has been pinpointed in black currant called anthocyanins. Various studies and reviews point to anthocyanins' antioxidant benefits, especially for our vessels and eyes. The dark purple pigment of this berry reflects one of the highest percentages of anthocyanins in any fruit, particularly one called cyanidin-3-glucoside or C3G. C3G is one of the most predominant anthocyanins found in nature. It's also one of the most bioactive nutrients in its class and one of the most clinically researched.

Our certified organic black currants are grown on a specialty farm in New Zealand, the best-known environment for the most nutritious and anthocyanin-rich berries in the world. This farm is situated on the South Island of New Zealand, which has the perfect synergy of clean air, intense sunlight, and rich soils for growing these purple gems. Our black currant cultivar has been specially developed for its rich nutritional value. Our currants are harvested in January when they are assessed to have their highest levels of anthocyanins. They are then processed using exclusive low temperature technology and SuperPure extraction methods to obtain maximum recovery (35%) of the beneficial anythocyanin phytonutrients.

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