Camu Camu Extract

One of the world's richest sources of natural vitamin C, our camu camu berries are grown in the Amazon rainforest and harvested at the optimum time, when the color reveals their peak vitamin C content. At the processing facility, the berries are stored at temperatures just above freezing to preserve their vital nutrients. This stringent temperature control is maintained throughout the entire standardization process. In a proprietary process, our camu camu berries are gently concentrated in a cold-liquid extraction. The syrup is then filtered and dried in a vacuum to protect the fragile, heat- and oxygen-sensitive vitamin C. Our gentle extraction process allows us to create an unusually potent product that retains the whole-fruit matrix of vitamin C and its important cofactors. This is a truly natural ingredient of the highest caliber - 100% natural vitamin C with absolutely no synthetic ascorbic acid.

A Year ago