Codonopsis Root Extract

Also known as Dang Shen, codonopsis is a precious Qi regulator in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has a long taproot that burrows into the ground; hence it's only fitting that it serves as a grounding element when used in our formula. It's considered an "adaptogen," which is to say it helps your body adapt to stress of all kinds over the long haul. If you are weary and just generally lacking vitality, codonopsis can ground and balance you.

Our certified organic extract is made the traditional way following the ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We use a special process whereby the herb is brewed in pure, filtered water for an extended period of time to draw out its many valuable compounds. The aromatic oils that are released during this process are captured and reintegrated into the final extract. This result is a whole-spectrum, "co-activated" extract of unparalleled quality and health potential.

A Year ago