Ginger Rhizome Extract

Everyone is familiar with ginger for its pungent aroma and flavor. Not only does it add flair to your favorite dishes, it has been used as a powerful herb for hundreds of years. In ancient India, ginger was so depended upon for its health benefits that the literal translation of its name was "The Universal Healer." It is one of the most valuable and well-regarded botanicals throughout the world. And it has been experiencing a revival in the natural health world—as it should!

Ginger is best known for its positive support of healthy digestion. But there's more. Ginger also promotes the enzyme that helps you produce and recycle your master antioxidant, glutathione, your body's most indispensable weapon for protecting your cells and whole body. And it's been widely researched to support a healthy immune defense.

Our fresh ginger root is grown organically, and upon harvest, transformed into a potent, certified organic extract. To get the most out of this beneficial botanical, there are a couple of ways we approach the extraction process. We either use our exclusive dual H2O & CO2 SuperPure® processing that yields an abundance of well-researched and standardized shogaol and gingerol compounds. Or, for our legacy Superfood product, we rely on the traditional way of extraction that follows the ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with long water brewing and recapturing of the herb’s aromatic oils. With both these methods, you experience an extract of unparalleled quality and health potential.

A Year ago