Just like broccoli, watercress, and other beneficial cruciferous vegetables, kale contains an abundance of the special compounds called glucosinolates, which are making headlines for their powerful detoxification properties and ability to support healthy cells. Our organic kale powder also retains the necessary and elusive myrosinase enzyme, which activates these glucosinolates within your body so that you can make good use of them. And don't forget the lutein and zeaxanthin (so good for your eyes) and all the other carotenoids, vitamins and minerals that make kale so powerfully nutritious.

Nearly all other kale powders are void of these health-supporting nutrients due to their processing with high heat and overexposure to oxygen. To preserve and protect all of these special compounds requires a unique freeze-drying process that keeps everything in tact — something that Synergy utilizes.

A Year ago