Reishi Mushroom

Mushrooms have been treasured for thousands of years for their profound ability to support our immune systems. Reishi is considered one of the great longevity herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is highly prized for its immune-balancing and liver-supportive benefits. As a "Shen" tonic, reishi is grounding, calming, and soothing. It provides a deep foundation of mental, emotional, and spiritual support.

We use the easy-to-absorb mycelium as a source of deep nourishment. Mycelium is the primordial thread-like hyphae that serve as the basis for growth for the mushroom fruiting body or "cap." A mushroom spends the vast majority of its life cycle in the mycelium phase during which time it produces a wide variety of enzymes and nutrients. The presence of these bio active metabolites and enzymes are found in the soft mycelium cell walls and its extracellular substrate (collectively known as the mycelium biomass). Research indicates these interesting secondary metabolites have the potential to yield very promising health benefits for humans.

Our mycelium is carefully monitored throughout its growth to ensure the complete development of all its active beneficial constituents. After harvest, we utilize a special cold-drying and precision cold-milling technique to preserve its full array of heat-sensitive enzymes and extracellular compounds. When mycelium is heated, it can degrade many of these valuable, immune-supportive compounds. Our objective is to produce the cleanest, purest, most whole, bioactive mycelium product to support healthy cellular and immune function.

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