Saffron Flower Extract

Saffron, with its unique red color and savory flavor, is the world's most expensive and revered spice. It contains a very special and extremely rare class of colorful compounds called crocins (including crocetins), as well as safranal, which both come from the stigma of the flower. Due to rarity, cost, and a difficult extraction process, very few formulas use the supremely powerful potential of these phytonutrients. However, research indicates saffron extract to have a host of healthful benefits, including support for a calm mood, balanced immune system, and and healthy vision. Saffron has also been shown to support restful sleep and a stress resilience. With so many health-enhancing benefits, we made it a priority to harvest our saffron at its peak in order to extract the highest potency of crocins and safranol possible.

To create our certified organic saffron extract, we start by harvesting one of the most premium saffron varieties from Persia. The delicate stigmas are collected at a very specific time of year from saffron flowers growing in only the most pristine organic conditions. We then use our exclusive SuperPure® extraction method to gently protect and powerfully concentrate the desired crocin and safranal components tucked inside. The result is a rare extract of unparalleled benefit.

11 Months ago