White Peony Root Extract

The mention of peony likely brings to mind a beautifully showy, scented flower that signals the onset of spring. Like with many plants and flowers, there is more to it than meets the eye! The root of a particular species of peony is also an ancient remedy that can support good health. White peony root refers not to the color of the flower, but the color of the root after it is peeled for use. White peony root is another of our vitality-building Chinese herbs that can support a deep foundation of health.

Our certified organic extract is made the traditional way following the ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We use a special process whereby the herb is brewed in pure, filtered water for an extended period of time to draw out its many valuable compounds. The aromatic oils that are released during this process are captured and reintegrated into the final extract. This result is a whole-spectrum, "co-activated" extract of unparalleled quality and health potential.

A Year ago