Wild Pine Bark Extract

Proanthocyanadins are hard to pronounce (pro-anth-o-cy-an-a-dins) and quite uncommon, but fortunately are found in abundance in the bark of a certain species of pine tree. These flavonoid jewels are particularly useful for supporting healthy blood vessel integrity throughout our whole bodies, including in our eyes. Wild pine bark extract may be particularly useful for supporting healthy cell membranes, which are composed of important lipids prone to peroxidation. Healthy hearts, eyes, skin, blood vessels and much more rely on the antioxidant activity that an ingredient like pine bark extract can provide.

Our wild pine bark is harvested from the Pinus radiata tree that is plantation grown in New Zealand's pristine environment where this species finds ideal growing conditions. Our SuperPure extraction uses only pure water to produce a natural extract that contains the full spectrum of polyphenolic compounds. No chemicals of any sort are used in the process, eliminating any possibility of unwanted residues.
A Year ago