5 Ways Oregano Extract Can Keep You Healthy

Humble oregano, found in all pizzerias, most spice racks, and herb gardens around the world, is much more than a delicious culinary seasoning. It turns out that the very same compounds within this mint family plant that bestow its distinctive aroma, also provide powerful health supporting benefits.

Some of the active compounds within oregano that make the herb so mighty are:

  • Carvacrol – This phenol is abundant in oregano’s essential oils and contributes to its pungent aroma. It’s this same powerful compound that gives oregano its potency to support robust immune health.
  • Thymol – This is another naturally occurring phenol in oregano that contributes to its flavor and odor, and more importantly, its ability to foster a strong immune defense.
  • Rosmarinic Acid – A potent polyphenol that provides antioxidant protection and promotes immune balance.

These compounds, among many others found in oregano, work synergistically to support optimal wellness in numerous ways. Here are the top five health benefits of taking a high quality, oregano extract like SuperPure® Oregano.

1. Supports Microbiome Balance

Our natural microbiome, consisting of beneficial microorganisms, are found on all surfaces of our body including the skin, sinuses, gut, and lungs. Research shows that the bioactive compounds in oregano, particularly carvacrol, foster optimal balance in the body’s microbiome. Since the microbiome plays a dominant role in keeping us well, oregano is ideal for everyday and seasonal immune support.

2. Digestive Support

As primary gatekeepers of what’s absorbed into the body, the trillions of microscopic organisms that make up our gut microbiome are incredibly important for both immune and digestive health. Along with upholding a healthy microbiome, the potent antioxidants in oregano help protect intestinal cells to foster digestive health.

3. Respiratory & Sinus Health

Similar to how oregano optimizes digestive health, oregano nourishes healthy lungs and sinuses by supporting the resident microbiome and providing antioxidant protection. Upholding a healthy immune defense in our airways is key to staying well year-round.

4. Oral Health

Along with our nasal passages, the mouth is home to a rich microbiome and army of immune cells that serve as essential guardians from potentially harmful things that we breathe in, eat, and swallow. By keeping both systems in balance and harmony, oregano helps maintain healthy gums and teeth while also promoting the health of every tissue downstream.

5. A Potent Antioxidant

One of the key ways that plants nourish our health is by providing powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals and maintain healthy cellular function throughout the body. Beyond its immune benefits, oregano extract is a powerful, natural source of antioxidants that support healthy aging, cardiovascular function, brain health.

SuperPure® Oregano

Expertly formulated with a synergy of organic oregano oil CO2 extract and organic freeze-dried whole leaf, SuperPure® Oregano provides the full spectrum of bioactive compounds, with proven levels of carvacrol, to maximize every one of these benefits. Plus, this 100% certified organic and SuperPure® product is free of chemical solvents, fillers, or undesirable additives to get in the way of pure wellness.

4 Years ago