5 Ways Oregano Extract Can Keep You Healthy

Humble oregano, found in all pizzerias, most spice racks, and herb gardens around the world, is much more than a delicious culinary seasoning. It turns out that the very same compounds within this mint family plant that bestow its distinctive aroma, also provide powerful health supporting benefits.


Some of the active compounds within oregano that make the herb so mighty are:

Carvacrol – This phenol, or aromatic organic compound, is abundant in oregano and helps give it its distinctive smell. It has been shown in research to stop the growth of numerous forms of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Thymol – This is another naturally occurring phenol in oregano that has been shown to inhibit the growth of fungus, in vitro and in animal studies, and support the immune system.

Rosmarinic Acid – A potent antioxidant that also helps support a healthy inflammation response.


These compounds, among the many others found in oregano, work synergistically to support our health in numerous ways. Here are the top five health benefits of taking a high quality, oregano extract like SuperPure® Oregano.

Supports Microbial Balance

Our bodies are in an endless struggle to balance the good and the bad microbes in our microbiome, found on all surfaces of our body including the skin, sinuses, gut, lungs, etc. Oregano has the ability to support this healthy balance. Research shows oregano’s effect on a broad spectrum of microorganisms, likely linked to oregano’s main compound, carvacrol. So the next time you’re in an elevator and someone sneezes or you’re in a room full of sniffling kids, think of oregano to support a healthy immune response.

Provides Digestive Support

Trillions of bacteria, fungi and other microscopic organisms live inside our bodies. They are especially prolific inside our gut, where they’re called the gut microbiome, and are incredibly important for our digestive and immune health, as well as for other bodily functions. However, while most bacteria and fungus living in our digestive tract are considered “good” and are crucial for our well-being, other “bad” bugs can actually cause infections or give us a long list of digestive problems. Oregano extract helps support healthy microbial balance in our intestines and our entire digestive tract thereby supporting a healthy gut microbiome.

Fosters Good Sinus Health

Oregano can support healthy microbial balance in the respiratory tract and sinus passages. In this way, the herb may help us breathe with ease with a strong and healthy respiratory system.

Helps Keep Fungus In Check

Several types of fungi, such as yeast, live in our bodies and form part of our microbiome. An imbalance can cause issues in the mouth, gut, vagina, skin, and other places. Oregano extract can help keep the levels of fungus in balance throughout our bodies.

A Potent Antioxidant

Oregano extract is a powerful, natural source of antioxidants which supports healthy aging, cardiovascular function, brain health, among many other benefits.

SuperPure® Oregano

Expertly formulated with a synergy of organic oregano CO2 extract and organic freeze-dried whole leaf, SuperPure® Oregano provides a highly-concentrated and effective formula. It’s packed with the full spectrum of oregano’s active compounds, with maximized levels of carvacrol, to optimize all of oregano’s health benefits. Plus, all the ingredients in each capsule are organic and contain no chemical solvents, fillers, or undesirable additives.

4 Years ago