Benefits of Grape Seed Extract — Nature’s Master Multitasker

As one of the most widely cultivated fruits in the world today, chances are pretty good that you’ve consumed grapes. If you’ve eaten raisins, had a PB&J with grape jelly, or a glass of grape juice or wine, then you’ve enjoyed some of the virtues of this versatile fruit. But grapes have so much more to bring to the table. The bioactive compounds that reside in grapes, and especially in their seeds, offer a wide range of health benefits that can support your well-being on multiple levels.


Although grapes have been enjoyed as a food and used for wine-making since ancient Greek and Roman times, research on the active components of grapes only started in the beginning of the 20th century. During the same revolutionary era when scientists first isolated and identified the compounds we came to define as vitamins, along the way they also discovered a host of other phytochemical compounds that promote human health!

Grape Gold

The primary secret behind grapes is a class of plant compounds called polyphenols, more specifically those inside grapes’ seeds and skins called proanthocyanidins. It’s these antioxidant-rich compounds that give grapes their rich color and astringent taste, and this group includes dozens of powerful phytochemicals like phenolic acids, anthocyanins, flavonoids, and oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs).

What is Grape Seed Extract?

Grape seed extract is a derivative of grape seeds that condenses all of their health-supporting goodies into a super-concentrated form that is optimized for use in dietary supplements. Since all of the research-backed health benefits of grape seed extract are thanks to their bioactive compounds, standardized extracts allow you to know exactly how much of these potent protectors you’re getting.

Grape Seed Benefits

Because grape seeds contain the highest concentration of antioxidants – more than twice what’s found in the skin or stem! – grape seed extract boasts the greatest benefits that can deeply support good health. Researchers have found that grape seed extract:

  • Provides antioxidant support for healthy aging
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol balance
  • Promotes healthy eyes & radiant skin
  • Delivers powerful support for a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Fosters clear thinking & focus
  • Helps maintain healthy cellular function and turnover
  • Supports a balanced stress response
  • Encourages a positive and stable mood

How’s that for multi-tasking? Let’s dive into these benefits in a little more detail to find out exactly how grape seed extract can support your overall health and longevity.

Provides Anti-Aging Antioxidant Support

Antioxidants, sometimes called “free radical scavengers,” are compounds that help protect against cell damage caused by free radicals. Since excess free radicals and the resulting oxidative stress can negatively impact the healthy function of your cells, proteins, and DNA, the proanthocyanins in grape seed extract deliver whole-body support for the heart, brain, eyes, skin, blood vessels, and for overall healthy aging.

Helps Maintain Balanced Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Metabolism

Numerous studies have investigated the effects of grape seed extract on the cardiovascular system with very promising results. The research suggests that the flavonoids in grape seeds help maintain balanced blood pressure, support healthy blood flow, and optimize cholesterol metabolism by promoting the production of nitric oxide, a key regulator of vascular integrity and activity.

Promotes Healthy Brain Aging

The synergistic effects of grape seed extract’s antioxidant protection for brain cells and nerves, paired with its support for healthy cerebral blood flow offer a powerful way to help protect the brain throughout life. Since no one can stop the hands of time, we could all benefit from a boost by grape seed extract to stay sharp and focused as we age.

Enhances Vibrant Eyes & Radiant Skin

Maintaining healthy vision and resilient skin is essential at any age. And another amazing discovery about grape seed extract is that it opposes oxidative damage to the eyes and skin! Through similar mechanisms, the unique proanthocyanidins in grape seed extract help fight lipid peroxidation in our eyes and skin cells, often vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation from the sun and blue light from our devices.

Boosts Mood & Stress Resilience

Healthy adults taking 300 mg of grape seed extract as a dietary supplement for a few months reported significant improvements in perceived stress and quality of life. By promoting cardiovascular, metabolic, and brain health, and by balancing our immune defense in response to stress, grape seed extract is an excellent go-to for both physical and mental wellness.

Are there Side Effects of Grape Seed Extract?

Grape seed extract has been accepted as generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), meaning it’s deemed safe for human consumption when used as a supplement. However, people who are allergic to grapes should not take grape seed extract, and since it also may have blood thinning properties, be sure to talk to your healthcare provider if you’re taking any blood thinning medications.

Are there Side Effects of Grape Seed Extract?

Since grapes are notorious for carrying pesticide and fungicide residues, it’s important to search for an organic grape seed extract that prohibits the use of these chemicals. And to ensure you’re taking a product that works, choose a fully standardized extract that concentrates and quantifies the proanthocyanidins that are responsible for so many of grape seed extract’s health benefits. Without standardized active components, an extract’s identity and efficacy are questionable!

If that sounds intimidating, let’s make it easy! SuperPure® Grape Seed Extract starts with the highest quality organic grapes grown in European wine country (with sustainable methods, we might add). The grape seed extraction step uses only hot water, skipping the chemical solvents that many manufacturers use. And the best part - our grape seed extract is unmatched in potency, standardized to 95% total polyphenols and 75% OPCs, meaning you’re getting amounts cited in research to back every boasted benefit. Finally, since we’re all about synergy here, we’ve combined grape seed extract with organic whole grape extract, harnessing the key interactions of grape’s whole spectrum of antioxidants and phytochemicals. With all that this master multitasker has to offer for healthspan and lifespan, grape seed extract can help you thrive!

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