Five Ways to Show Support from a Distance

When a friend or family member falls sick or needs support for other reasons, we often want to share some sunshine and love in a safe and supportive way. This rings true more than ever this year, as we've all been away from our loved ones a lot more than usual and the need for connection and support seems higher than ever.

So since we're all feeling a strange sense of helplessness due to social distance limitations but also a strong desire to help support those in need, we’re sharing five ways to show support for friends and family – from a distance.

Pick Up The Phone

A text message or phone call to check in is simple but it shows you care. While you probably want to refrain from FaceTime or other video chats unless you’re sure the other side is up for it, you can add a bit more personality by recording yourself or your own family sharing some well wishes so the recipient can replay your message on their own time, or even more than once if they’re feeling down.

You can also reach out directly to anyone else close to the recipient – a partner or neighbor may have a better sense of how the person may like to be contacted or supported. They may also need a little check in if they are bearing the burden of caregiving.

Send A Care Package

It can be as simple as a handwritten card, or you can customize a care package to interests or need. A houseplant or flowers can bring some cheer while some nice herbal teas or superfoods can provide some nourishment and comfort. The younger crowd might like a stuffed animal or activity book while an adult might appreciate some puzzles or an adult coloring book.

Help With Responsibilities

The world doesn’t stop when a person is dealing with an illness, a sick parent, or a new baby. Help take the burden off their other responsibilities by sending some help. Hire a dog walker locally or through an app like Wag or Rover or have some healthy healing groceries delivered from a nearby store or an online marketplace. You could also organize a meal train to coordinate other friends and family members to help with meals over an extended period.

Promote Rest And Relaxation

Whether sick, stressed, or celebrating the addition of a new baby, just about everybody needs a little R&R! Support physical and emotional health by sharing your favorite meditation app, a good book or audio book, a month of a streaming service, or a cozy blanket.

Watch Or Read Together

Being at home, especially when unwell, can be quite lonely. While your friend or family member might be doing a lot of reading or watching TV or movies, they could probably use some company. Offer to hang on the phone together while you check out a new movie, comment on a sports game, or even take turns reading aloud to one another.

Socially Distanced Support

It might seem tough to show how much you care without a big hug or in-person connection, but in a world turning increasingly virtual, there are plenty of ways to show love and support no matter the distance.

3 Years ago