Giving Thanks To Our Bodies

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year when we examine our lives and look for everything that makes us happy, healthy, fulfilled, and secure. During this holiday, we usually give thanks for our family, friends, material possessions, communities and opportunities. Although we might be thankful for our good health, we rarely look deeper at all the hard work our bodies perform in order to keep us healthy.

Our heart, for example, beats about 115,000 times every single day – that’s 42 million times in a year! Our livers filter and clean 1.4 liters of blood per minute! Our eyes blink about 15-20 times per minute, and the most active muscles in our bodies are the muscles that move our eyes. Even all 206 of our bones are constantly working to renew themselves, and our skeleton completely regenerates itself about every 10 years!

It’s easy for us to take all this toil and effort for granted. Sadly, it’s often only when something goes wrong with the body when we appreciate it. This Thanksgiving, let’s look at our beautifully designed and miraculous bodies with love, appreciation, and yes, gratitude.

Just as with a person that you care about, however, showing gratitude is more than about simply saying “thank you.” We show our appreciation by thoughtfully listening to what a person needs and support that person in any way we can. The same thing goes for our bodies. To truly show our bodies gratitude, we must pay attention to the cues our bodies are communicating to us each and every day. We need to nourish and support our bodies with all they need to thrive, energize and revitalize. Here are some ways to show our bodies the love that they so deserve.


The approximately 37 trillion cells in the human body need a constant flow of nutrition in order to carry out the multitude of tasks that they perform for us every second. Vitamins, minerals, proteins, water, antioxidants, the list goes on and on, and it is often difficult in our fast-paced, busy lives to provide the body all that it needs from our diet alone. This is where an organic superfood supplement comes in very handy. Pure Synergy® Superfood blends 60+ of nature’s most nutrient-dense whole-food and botanical concentrates into a wellness powerhouse. This formula is so complete and so health-giving, you’ll feel vitality percolate to every corner of your body. Now that’s a great way to say “thank you!”


It’s clear that a healthy diet, exercise, stress reduction, and targeted supplements are the pillars of good heart health. On the flip side, it’s also clear that inflammation is at the core of heart disease. A diet rich in inflammation-busting foods and antioxidants like berries, turmeric, olives and pomegranate (to name a few) help tame the inflammation beast. It’s not always possible to eat sufficient heart-protective nutrition, though, so a comprehensive, full spectrum supplement, like Heart Protector®, is a great way to show our hard-working heart some love.


There are few parts of our bodies that are as vital as our eyes. They let us see our loved ones, beautiful natural landscapes, art, and so much more, every waking moment. Air pollutants, computer screens, UV light, smoke, and dust can irritate the delicate layers of the eye, while aging and nutrient deficiencies also contribute to progressive eye issues. Fortunately, nature has given us some truly powerful eye restorers found in whole foods such as carotenoids, polyphenols, anthocyanins, and antioxidants. These beneficial nutrients are concentrated into Eye Protector® so our beautiful eyes can shine with health for many years to come.


Did you know that our bones are some of the most dynamic parts of our bodies? Far more than simply a protective and supportive framework for the body, our hard-working bones house the marrow where millions of red and white blood cells are being produced each second! Some great sources of calcium and other essential bone-building nutrients are dark leafy greens, figs, nuts, beans and fatty fish. It’s not always possible, however, to get adequate calcium and minerals from our diet. That’s when we should reach for Bone Renewal™, a targeted daily, full-spectrum, bio-active supplement for our bones.

At Pure Synergy, we are passionate about good health and obsessed with finding organic, pure, and potent ways of keeping every BODY in good health. Whatever your body might be telling you it requires, chances are that we can help you give it the love, gratitude and nutrients that it needs. Here’s to your health!

5 Years ago