Organic: The "Pure" in Pure Synergy®

Organic farming affects our individual health, our family’s health, as well as the long-term, collective well-being of the planet. By choosing organic, we promote a non-polluting, more diverse and sustainable agricultural system that considers the soil, air, water, and natural resource preservation.

From day one over 25 years ago, Pure Synergy® has been committed to organic standards in the cultivation, processing, and manufacture of our nutritional supplements.

No artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are used in the cultivation of our ingredients. Once they are harvested, no chemicals are used in the juicing, concentration or extraction processes. Ingredients are protected from light, heat, chemicals, and oxygen through every step, and are low-temp dried and cold-milled to protect the plants’ health benefits. Finally, in the manufacture of the supplements themselves we never use harsh processing aids, solvents, magnesium stearate, excipients, or lubricants.

Organic Commitment

25 years ago, there was no national organic certification program to classify organic agriculture. Our commitment to organic, however, didn’t depend on the existence of the USDA program but on our founder’s, Mitchell May’s, passionate desire for the purity and potency of his Pure Synergy Superfood.

Originally, Mitchell searched far and wide for small family farms to cultivate and process the specialized organic plants that he needed. Because of this, we were one of the first supplement manufacturing companies to receive organic certification once the national program came into being.

Today, we continue this important mission with hundreds of organically certified ingredients and thousands of acres converted to organic agriculture with our support. Pure Synergy is an industry leader and innovator when it comes to organic. When something we need doesn’t exist in an organic form, we make it ourselves!

Top Reasons To Choose Organic

1. Healthier, safer and all around better for you, your loved ones, and the whole world.
2. Avoids the unknown risks of GMOs, irradiation, and hundreds of synthetic chemicals.
3. Absolutely NO added hormones, antibiotics, or non-organic pesticides, fungicides, preservatives, etc.
4. Reduces pollution, and protects the overall quality, purity, and safety of all our drinking water.
5. Promotes the optimal biodiversity, restoration, and health of our whole ecosystem.
6. Maintains healthy soil that produces trustworthy, wholesome, nutrient-dense foods.
7. Creates a sustainable, safe, and healthy work environment for farmworkers and communities.
8. Preserves heirloom and vital seed varieties for the benefit and welfare of our children and future generations.
9. Supports family farms and generates meaningful solutions for our broken agricultural system.
10. Helps give animals, birds, fish, bees, humans, and all life forms the protection they need and deserve.

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