Three-Part Protection for Your Peepers

Air pollutants, computer and phone screens, sunlight, smoke, dust, fumes, and so much more — these irritants are everyday encounters for the delicate structures of our eyes. Now combine these often-unavoidable factors with other influences, like the normal aging process and subpar diet, and it becomes apparent why we need to learn how to do our part in protecting our eye health!

With the increase in modern technologies that demand the attention of our eyes (we’re looking at you, virtual work!), eye complaints aren’t going anywhere. In fact, the National Eye Institute (NEI) estimates that the number of Americans with preventable eye health issues could double by 2050.

Eye health supplements are in high demand, but they aren’t all created equal. We want to share with you what sets ours apart. We’ll dig into a trio of natural eye-supporting compounds that go into our comprehensive Eye Protector® formula so you can SEE for yourself why it works.

Part 1: Carotenoids

Carotenoids are the most widespread group of pigments in nature, providing the vibrant red, orange, and yellow colors of many of our favorite fruits and vegetables. One standout nutrient in the class of natural carotenoids is beta carotene, found in familiar foods like carrots and sweet potatoes and giving them their rich orange hue.

The cool thing about carotenoids is that many of their natural properties are the very reason behind why they can support our eye health when we consume them! Carotenoids absorb visible light during the process of photosynthesis (energy production) in algae and plants – they protect plants from the damaging effects of too much light. So when we enjoy them from our favorite salad veggies, carotenoids can pass on these benefits to help protect our eyes.

Our Eye Protector® formula includes four key Carotenoid Protectors:

Free Lutein & Free Zeaxanthin:

Derived from marigold flowers, organic kale, watercress, goji berry, and sea buckthorn, our free-form lutein and zeaxanthin ingredients are twice as potent as the more commonly found ester forms in many eye health supplements. Health data suggests that Lutein and Zeaxanthin are lacking in most diets, but these irreplaceable carotenoids help preserve the integrity of our retinas to enhance visual detail.


Derived from freshwater red algae, our astaxanthin is extracted in a gentle way that preserves its utmost purity and potency. Astaxanthin has shown significant benefits for brightening tired eyes, preserving ocular blood vessels, and boosting sharp vision.


Concentrated in ripe, ruby-red organic tomatoes, our lycopene is extracted without harsh solvents that are more typically used. This powerful antioxidant helps guard the clarity of our eye lens.


Gardenia fruit and saffron extracts are rich in crocins, potent carotenoids that are rarely found in other eye supplements! Research has shown that these powerful bioactives can help protect our retinas from excessive exposure to blue and white light.

Part 2: Flavonoids

Like carotenoids, flavonoids are another group of plant phytonutrients providing the variety of colors and flavors in whole fruits and vegetables. Some flavonoids, especially those with luxurious dark purple pigments have been studied for their ability to promote lasting eye health as we age.

While flavonoid-filled foods hold healthy potential on their own, our ingredients are highly concentrated and produced through our SuperPure® extraction process that gently and carefully harvests their potent benefits. Here’s a look at the famous flavonoids we had to include in Eye Protector®:


Derived from Oregon grape seed and wild pine bark, proanthocyanidins act as powerful antioxidants that not only fight harsh free radical rays, but they can also enhance the strength of eye capillaries to maintain long-term eye health.


Black currants, bilberries, aronia berries, and elderberries bring bushel-fuls of anthocyanins that help oppose the oxidative stress that can impact our visual integrety.

Part 3: Enzyme Protectors

We saved the best for last, and the final group of bioactive compounds that make Eye Protector® so potent and unique are its plant-based enzymes. These dynamic ingredients are active guardians for your eyes, helping to cancel and remove toxic debris, neutralizing free radicals that can impact short- and long-term eye health. Try finding these in any other eye health supplement!

Glucosinolates and Myrosinase:

Derived from organic kale and watercress, this special class of enzymes help facilitate the production of glutathione, our bodies’ “master antioxidant” that’s responsible for free radical protection head to toe – eyes included.

Superoxide Dismutase and Catalase:

Extracted from the most unlikely sources, these potent enzymes from melon and fermented soy are an exceptionally effective duo at helping your eyes stay healthy when faced with oxidative stress.

See the Difference

Now you know why the carefully and thoughtfully sourced ingredients in Eye Protector® set our formula apart from most of the eye health supplements sold for our screen-weary eyes. No matter your age, we all need to care about our eyes, starting today. Don’t give it a second blink! Nourish your eye health and see a future of visual wellness with Eye Protector®.

    3 Years ago