Tips for Surviving the Spring Forward

This Sunday, March 10th, our clocks will spring forward one hour in the name of daylight savings time. This disruption in our sleep cycles may seem minor to some, but studies have shown that losing one little hour of sleep can have big effects on our health and wellness. For example, there are more car accidents, workplace injuries, lost productivity, headaches, and generally speaking we have less pep in our step after the switch to daylight savings time. Here are some tips for staying fit and energized despite the extra sleep deprivation.


Starting several days before the time change, go to bed 15 minutes early. Make sure you are well-rested and not already sleep deprived before the time shift, and try your best to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night leading up to it.


Our sleep cycle is affected by our eating habits, so eating dinner an hour early the night before the spring forward will help prepare you to expect to go to bed earlier.


Once you’re up after the time change, be sure to eat a healthy breakfast first thing. Food tells our body it is the start of the day, and it gives us the nutrients and energy we need to keep us going.


Exercise is a natural way to boost our energy. It releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones, circulates our blood more efficiently, and is a great way to get outside and into the sunlight which helps adjust our internal clocks even more.


After losing an hour, many of us feel tired for a few days. The last thing we need to add to this scenario is a nutrient deficient diet. Eating enough protein, vitamins and minerals can make a world of difference to how we feel. But if you don’t have enough time to eat enough fruits or greens, try adding a cup of Pure Synergy® Organic Superfood to your daily routine. With over 60 nutrient-dense, organic whole-food and plant concentrates, one spoonful in water or your smoothie will infuse you with much needed vitality.


Consuming coffee or caffeine-packed sodas late in the day may stimulate you to stay awake later than you’d like, which is exactly what you don’t want right before the spring forward. But if you find yourself crashing in the afternoon and you need a healthy pick-me-up, Organic Matcha Power® is a great option. It provides a balanced, “soft” energy lift for around four hours and gently sustains your concentration and productivity without spikes or jitters. Matcha does contain some caffeine, though, so if you want to totally eliminate caffeine before the time change, a great caffeine-free energy booster is Organic Blue-Green Algae. Blue-Green Algae is one of the planet’s most complete, chlorophyll-rich superfoods and enhances mental clarity and focus while boosting energy and stamina.


Reducing time in front of the computer, smartphone, or TV before bed is extra good advice at daylight savings time. That’s because the light from the screens can interfere with our natural sleep cycles, and can keep us from getting our much-needed shut eye.

5 Years ago