Tips for Working Virtually

As many of us have shifted to working at home, we’re all still learning to adjust to the new normal that we live in, and the challenges that virtual work brings. Here are five to help you adapt and thrive in your new environment.

Give Your Eyes Some Love

Working virtually means a whole lot of screen time. Zoom burnout is real and eye strain is an unfortunate byproduct of staring at a screen all day long. Support your eyes by taking breaks throughout the day away from the computer. Set calendar reminders if needed and consider walking meetings when possible.

Most computers and apps also have a dark mode or a feature to reduce the amount of brightness and blue light to reduce eye strain. For some extra support for your eye health, try Eye Protector®. It has a comprehensive blend of carotenoids, flavonoids, and enzymes to protect your eyes from the stresses they face for short term support and long-term eye health.

Make Time For Stress Relief

Stress is always present in our lives, but it is easily magnified when working from home where little separation exists between professional and personal responsibilities. Make sure to prioritize practices for stress relief each day, whatever that might look like for you.

Perhaps it is meditation or movement before or during the workday. Or maybe you take hourly breaks for quick HIIT exercises like planks, squats, or stretch. If the weather permits, try a lunchtime walk and podcast to clear your mind and give your eyes a break. Of course, if you need additional support, Stress Remedy® is a synergy of organic herbal extracts and adaptogens that foster natural stress relief.

Create A Healthy Workspace

It's hard to stay focused and grounded in a space that is cluttered and disorganized. Find a space as quiet and clear from distractions as possible and keep it conducive to productivity by organizing it at the end of every day. Also check that it is ergonomically sound by checking that your elbows, knees, and torso are resting at right angles. If you experience stiffness or discomfort in your lower back or joints that distracts from your work, try SuperPure® Turmeric Extract to support a healthy immune response.

Maintain Social Connection

Working from home can be lonely and many of us are feeling isolated as we try to work with limited real human contact. We no longer have social interaction as a normal part of our days, instead we have to make an effort to stay connected virtually.

Whether introverted or extroverted, social connection is critical to emotional health. Establish mechanisms to facilitate camaraderie with your team by scheduling regular check-ins and setting aside time for conversations unrelated to work.

Fuel Your Body & Brain

Our bodies and brains could use all the support we can provide for staying healthy at home, so fuel them properly with good food, hydration, and targeted supplements to optimize your health.

Remember that eating a nutrient-dense and balanced diet is key to staying healthy at home. It can be easy to let structure slide when working virtually but try to meal prep and plan as if you had to leave the house so that you don’t snack mindlessly all day. If you need some inspiration, check out our blog for some healthy recipes like time-saving overnight oats, energy bites, and nutrient-dense work day snacks.

You might also rethink your energy sources and try providing your body with clean and crash-free energy from Matcha Power® powder or capsules, or Super B-Complex™. And consider Organic Blue-Green Algae Powder to support mental clarity and beat brain fog.

Adapt & Thrive

While the new normal of remote work has its challenges, these can help you adapt to the new environment by maintaining healthy routines that support you in body and mind.

3 Years ago