What Does Milk Thistle Do for Your Body?

Milk thistle is one of the most well-studied and well-loved herbal supplements out there. But why, exactly? What does milk thistle do for your body?

This humble herb has a long history. With seeds rich in silymarin, milk thistle is traditionally known as a liver “elixir” used by herbalists all the way back to the first century AD. Ancient herbalists and many modern scientists agree that milk thistle is a boon for liver health, which makes it a vital supplement. The liver, after all, is one of your hardest-working organs. It filters your blood, clearing harmful toxins out of your body that could damage your health and wellbeing. 

Though it is best known for benefiting the liver, the health benefits of milk thistle go well beyond this one essential organ.

Wondering why you might want milk thistle extract in your life? Consider these eight milk thistle superpowers:

1. Liver Protector

Once toxins get into your liver cells, they have the potential to cause damage. An overload of alcohol, medications/drugs, pesticides, even viruses spells trouble. Milk thistle extract can support healthy regeneration of liver cells.

2. Toxin Deflector

Milk thistle extract keeps the membranes of your liver cells healthy to deter binding of unwanted toxins. If they can’t get in in the first place, that’s even better!

3. Driver of Detox

Your liver has several phases of natural detoxification to deactivate toxins, hormones, metabolic waste products, and more so they are safe for elimination. Milk thistle extract boosts the production of glutathione, a natural compound in our bodies that is an integral part of this beneficial process.

4. Skin Saver

Your skin is sensitive to aging, oxidation, and the buildup of unwanted toxins in your body. Milk thistle can come to the rescue to support healthy skin from the inside out.

5. Antioxidant Master

Silymarin, the main active ingredient found in milk thistle, is a powerful flavonoid antioxidant. It’s more potent than vitamin C and vitamin E, two famous antioxidants. In this capacity, milk thistle works at all levels, in all parts of your body, to support healthy aging of cells.

6. Brain Health

Milk thistle can help support brain function through the years by helping to protect it from oxidative stress as you age. 

7. Bone Strengthener

Bone disease can lead to weak and fragile bones that break easily. Milk thistle can support healthy bones and may even protect against bone loss, helping you stay strong at every age.

8. Even More!

Although milk thistle extract is well known as a liver supplement, it has so much more to offer. Recent research shows positive effects on blood sugar regulation, kidney health, and cholesterol balance.

So, A lot. It’s definitely a supplement worth keeping around.

With 50 years of European research and over 100 clinical studies backing it, the organic milk thistle we use in SuperPure® Milk Thistle Extract is the number one researched extract in Europe for optimal liver health and healthy detoxification.

4 Years ago