What Wellness Means To Us (And How You Can Get It!)


You’re standing at the edge of a crystal clear, pristine mountain lake. It is a breathtaking shade of blue and when you look a little closer beneath the surface, you see a world teeming with tiny plants, darting fish, colorful insects, and more — all intricate parts of the whole. At one end, you see where the lake leads to a flowing stream that bustles over rocks and heads towards the horizon, out of sight.

This is balance in nature at its finest — a healthy “ecosystem” that relies on all the moving parts to keep it strong, vital, and flowing.

And so it is with your very own body too. At a foundational level, your body requires several essential inputs — oxygen, water, and countless nutrients — to keep your environment “below the surface” bustling and alive. When all of this is in balance and optimal working order, your body flows forward, downstream, allowing a healthy progression of toxins outward and keeping the whole system glistening with health.

So you can imagine how the entire system becomes muddied when there is a deficit or imbalance in any one of the essential inputs. Oxygen and clean water are clearly important and relatively easy to come by. Unfortunately, acquiring all of the necessary vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients in proper balance and on an ongoing, daily basis poses a challenge in this day and age. Couple that with the untold amounts of environmental toxins and day to day stress that are polluting our bodies and it’s no wonder feeling healthy and energetic is too often just a temporary experience or something we lost long ago.

Our world has become modernized in such a way that has taken us very far from a natural existence. But what if you knew that true wellness is your natural state of being, something that your body is constantly striving towards getting back to. It is not simply the absence of symptoms or disease, but rather a state of feeling truly well in body, mind and spirit.

The reason you are even alive at this very moment is because your body is miraculously working in the background to keep everything in functional working order. But is your body in optimal working order? We all know the difference between, say, a refrigerator that quietly hums and one that thumps along with strange noises, requiring loads of extra electricity. They both keep your food cold, but certainly one has a leg up on the other. You may be alive, but are you really thriving and experiencing optimal well-being?

And so our mission at The Synergy Company™ sprang forth over 30 years ago to create unparalleled wellness supplements comprised of pure ingredients and nutrients that could give you what you need to rediscover and sustain that natural state of optimal well-being.

This isn’t an overly complex vision nor like pulling something “magic” out of a hat. Your body is actually what’s quite miraculous, constantly striving to achieve that balance, no matter the obstacles thrown in its way. So, when you give your body the perfect synergy of real, whole food nutrients designed to address your foundational needs, it naturally and automatically thrives and regenerates. It’s that simple. And when you start to feel just a little bit better, your wellness path suddenly opens up before you with endless possibilities and you actually feel like your internal circuit is humming instead of barely thumping along…

And to us, that’s true wellness.

6 Years ago