Albizia Tree Bark & Flower Extracts

Albizia has a deep history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine, where it is referred to as “The Tree of Happiness” and is known to promote a healthier outlook on life. From more modern studies, it is now understood that Albizia offers antioxidant support that promotes a healthy response to stress (through regulation of the HPA axis) and promotes a calm, healthy mood. This botanical supports a natural balance between the body’s parasympathetic (rest and digest) and sympathetic (flight, fight, or freeze) nervous systems, so it is often used to promote emotional and mental calmness. It can also be used to support healthy sleep patterns.

Our Albizia Tree Bark and Flower Extract is a custom and personally developed ingredient. It is wild-harvested, extracted with ethanol and water, and standardized to contain 18% triterpenoid saponins, a considerable amount that includes the noteworthy julibroside compounds thought to be associated with its mood-balancing properties.

A Year ago