Artichoke Juice

What we most commonly call "artichoke" is actually the strangely shaped flowering buds of this tall, thistle-like plant, which as a whole has some remarkable health benefits. Used since the 4th century BC as a digestive aid, modern science and clinical studies now back up many of these strong herbal traditions. Artichoke has long been considered a "cholagogue" to support healthy bile flow. Since many toxins are fat-soluble and require the emulsifying effects of bile for their elimination from our bodies, this supportive action of artichoke is a much-needed help for your liver as it works tirelessly to keep us in the clear. And like another of its thistle cousins, milk thistle, artichoke has documented effects on helping to support healthy liver cells. Our artichokes are grown in Germany in nutrient-dense, organic soil. Upon harvest, our fresh artichoke buds are juiced and concentrated, then dried and milled under low temperatures into a highly effective liver supporter and protector.

11 Months ago