Astragalus Root Extract

For centuries, astragalus has held a prominent spot in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Astragalus is most well-known for its affinity to help defend the body against the threats of our world. It's considered a supportive herb during times of stress and fatigue. As the quintessential "tonic" herb, astragalus can safely be taken for extended periods of time for ongoing support. Our certified organic astragalus root is extracted through the use of our exclusive SuperPure® processing, which 100% disallows the use of toxic chemical solvents. The purpose of our astragalus root is two-fold: it serves as a powerful, fortifying herb in its own right and we use it as a unique natural "carrier" and stabilizer for many of our additional traditional Chinese herbal extracts. This resourceful natural carrier application ensures a completely pure and potent extract and eliminates the use of any and all synthetic carriers as are commonly used by other companies.

A Year ago