Atractylodes (Bai-Zhu) Rhizome Extract

There's a good reason atractylodes (bai-zhu) was awarded the title "The First Herb of Invigorating Qi" in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is often treated as an equal to the more well-known herb called ginseng and is considered a foundation in many TCM formulas. Qi refers to your circulating life force, a mainstay of TCM philosophy. Healthy Qi is considered a key influence in keeping you healthy and well. Let atractylodes be your ally on this journey!

Our certified organic extract is made the traditional way following the ancient principles of TCM. We use a special process whereby the herb is brewed in pure, filtered water for an extended period of time to draw out its many valuable compounds. The aromatic oils that are released during this process are captured and reintegrated into the final extract. This result is a whole-spectrum, "co-activated" extract of unparalleled quality and health potential.

A Year ago