Beta 1,3-Glucan Extract

Our patent-pending SuperPure Beta-Glucan will nourish and sustain your healthy immune system. We are proud to be the first to introduce this powerful form of beta 1,3-glucan to the supplement world, which is derived exclusively from a rare and nutrient-rich algae (Euglena gracilis) that's extensively studied by NASA and several universities for its incredible health potential. With the purest and highest percentage of beta 1,3-glucan of all known sources, our SuperPure extract is more bioavailable and better able to help equip and train your immune army. When it comes to year-round immune support, having the highest caliber beta 1,3-glucan on your team is a winning strategy. While there are many different kinds of beta glucans, there is only one rare and special type that can easily communicate with your immune system. This natural ability has been well documented in a variety of peer-reviewed research studies. When your body's immune cells absorb beta 1,3-glucan, it naturally and safely supports a healthy pathway of beneficial immune-regulating activities to support optimal health. There's no other beta 1,3-glucan like this in the world with its purity, potency and bioactivity. Unlike nearly all others in the marketplace, SuperPure Beta-Glucan is 100% yeast free. When you want the best support for your immune system, SuperPure Beta-Glucan is unsurpassed.

A Year ago