Black Currant

Black currants have a very long history of use given their impressive list of nutritional and phytonutrient contents. They are greatly valued for their health-boosting influences on brain, digestive and eye health, and have a special affinity for the lungs especially during cold & flu season. A particular class of flavonoids has been pinpointed in black currant called anthocyanins. Various studies and reviews point to anthocyanins' antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, especially for our vessels and eyes. The dark purple pigment of this berry reflects one of the highest percentages of anthocyanins in any fruit. Our black currants berries are specially grown in Northern Europe adhering to the purest, certified organic standards. After peak harvesting, a portion of the berries are first juiced and then freeze-dried. In addition, we freeze-dry them in their whole form — skin, seeds, pulp and all. When combined, the juice and whole fruit create the perfect synergy so that you can reap the rewards of this notable superfruit.

4 Months ago