Hibiscus Flower Extract

Hibiscus flowers are a treasure of the Mediterranean heart-healthy diet, with a long tradition of use as a sweet, delicate tea. However, hibiscus is evolving into so much more than a tasty tropical beverage. Almost a third of this powerful plant is comprised of a special group of acids that are unique to hibiscus referred to as hibiscus acids. Although hibiscus flowers have been used traditionally for a variety of conditions, research is uncovering their special affinity for our cardiovascular system. Clinical trials have shown how hibiscus can support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol already in the normal range. Science is certainly elevating this beautiful tropical flower from tasty tea to heart hero! Using only handpicked and certified organic pink, orange, yellow, red, and purple hibiscus flowers and their precious nectar, we gently extract their special properties in our SuperPure way. Our goal is to fully preserve all the heart-healthy goodness inside these beautiful flowers.

11 Months ago