Mandarin Orange Extract

Bioflavonoids are at the foundation of what makes fruits and vegetables so healthy for us (and for our hearts). It should come as no surprise that the heart-healthy Mediterranean Diet recommends an abundance of bioflavonoid-rich fruits and vegetables of all shapes and colors. Our bioflavonoids come exclusively from certified organic Mandarin oranges, which are descended from wild oranges that trace back over 2,000 years. We use the sun-dried peel — called Chen pi — that is rich in a variety of important bioflavonoids like quercetin. Oxidizing free radicals can damage the lining of our blood vessels, but protective antioxidants like those in mandarin orange peels promote both healthy vessel structure and function. Our certified organic mandarin orange extract is made through our SuperPure extract process to ensure you get the purest form of these heart-nourishing compounds. Studies also show that these types of bioflavonoids can enhance the absorption and use of resveratrol by our bodies — oh, the wonder of nature!

A Year ago