Micro-minerals like iodine perform essential regulatory and structural functions in our bodies. As our soils become depleted, our foods more processed, and our bodies more stressed, micro-mineral supplementation is needed more than ever. Iodine is paramount to normal growth and development due to its association with our thyroid gland. Our thyroid gland stores almost 60% of our bodies' iodine supply. Thyroid hormone synthesis relies on the presence of plenty of iodine. Hence, a deficiency can cause a low functioning thyroid gland, called hypothyroidism. Thyroid hormone controls the base metabolic rate of our bodies, which means it affects many of our core functions including heart rate, blood pressure, body weight, temperature regulation, digestion, skin/hair health, and much more. Aside from its vital role in thyroid health, iodine is also valuable as a free radical scavenger and immune system supporter.

Iodine supplementation can be very important for all these reasons. Our iodine comes to life in our whole-food fermentation process, which is designed to transform each mineral into a rich, synergistic matrix of nutrition. The result is a unique form of iodine made with organic ingredients that brings you the best of real, wholesome food. It's perfectly balanced, gentle, and compatible with your body. Shouldn't your supplements follow nature's lead?

4 Months ago