Minerals like iron perform essential regulatory and structural functions in our bodies. As our soils become depleted, our foods more processed, and our bodies more stressed, mineral supplementation is needed more than ever. With iron, it's vitally important to find the right balance in terms of intake to ensure optimal blood and oxygen function. Too much iron can actually promote oxidation, which can ultimately damage rather than support our cells.

For these reasons, iron supplementation is generally recommended for those whose ferritin levels are low or who may have low dietary intake (including vegans) or increased dietary need (i.e. pregnant women, children). Our iron comes to life in our whole-food fermentation process, which is designed to transform each mineral into a rich, synergistic matrix of nutrition. The result is a unique form of iron made with organic ingredients that brings you the best of real, wholesome food. It's perfectly balanced and compatible with your body. This iron is gentle on the stomach and can be taken with or without food. Iron supplements during pregnancy are notorious for causing stomachaches and other digestive woes. Not so with our more gentle, whole-food form of iron!

A Year ago