Micro-minerals like molydenum perform essential regulatory and structural functions in our bodies. As our soils become depleted, our foods more processed, and our bodies more stressed, micro-mineral supplementation is needed more than ever. Although molybdenum may not one of the more known micro-minerals, it still serves a very important health purpose. Molybdenum is central to optimal sulfur balance. It is the key player in the reaction that converts sulfur to sulfate. Without it, this reaction cannot take place. The formation of sulfate is essential to our health in so many ways: liver detoxification, antioxidant support, connective tissue development, and much more.

Molybdenum supplementation can be very important for all these reasons. Our molybdenum comes to life in our whole-food fermentation process, which is designed to transform each mineral into a rich, synergistic matrix of nutrition. The result is a unique form of certified organic molydenum that brings you the best of real, wholesome food and that is perfectly balanced, gentle, and compatible with your body. Shouldn't your supplements follow nature's lead?

11 Months ago