Oat Grass Juice

Oat grass juice joins the ranks of other superfood cereal grasses like wheat grass and barley grass. By juicing and freeze-drying our fresh, nutrient-loaded oat grass, we preserve all of its goodness and none of its indigestible cellulose fiber. Oat grass juice is overflowing with chlorophyll, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. It is also known for a calming action that nourishes your nervous system.

When spring and early fall arrive, our organic grass bursts to life and becomes a photosynthesis factory. We harvest our grasses just prior to the critical seed-producing jointing stage, when the tender shoots are at their peak of nutritional potency, enzymatic activity, and chlorophyll content. Our freshly cut young grasses are immediately cooled and juiced at 35°F to protect and preserve all the enzymes, chlorophyll and other valuable constituents. Then, they are dried using our exclusive CO2 low-temperature process. The result is an extraordinary grass juice powder that is bursting with nutritious energy.

A Year ago