Olive Fruit Extract

Olive fruit and its tasty culinary oil are at the core of the highly respected Mediterranean diet. Science journals abound with discussions of the overall wellness properties of this tangy fruit and its powerful nutrients. The use of olive oil — especially a high quality, extra-virgin variety — is known as one of the best ways to support healthy antioxidant function and a healthy cardiovascular system for a long, healthy life.

One special compound in particular is behind olive’s unique and notable health benefits. This extraordinary phytonutrient is called hydroxytyrosol, and research has shown it to be one of the most powerful naturally occurring antioxidants. Olives are the only known source of this rare bioactive compound which shows the unique ability to cross the blood brain barrier, suggesting that hydroxytyrosol is exceptionally bioavailable to not just our heart, but also to our brain.

Our certified organic olive oil & fruits come from an ancient olive tree orchard in the Mediterranean region with a 2,000+ year tradition of growing these precious gems. Using our SuperPure® processing, we concentrate our olive fruits to optimize their hydroxytyrosol content. In Europe, which is a hotbed of research on olive's health benefits, the European Food Safety Authority (their equivalent to our FDA) has formally approved heart health claims for an olive product only if it contains 5 mg or more of hydroxytyrosol per serving. Our certified organic SuperPure® Olive extract fully meets this standard with abundance of this health-enhancing compound.

A Year ago