Resveratrol Extract

Resveratrol is the subject of hundreds of studies, many of which corroborate this compound's ability to nourish a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. While grapes and red wine are the most familiar ways to reap resveratrol’s rewards, there’s a lesser known, but highly potent, source of this powerful phytonutrient. It's called Japanese Knotweed, also known as Hu Zhang in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Why might this novel herb be better? Japanese knotweed is particularly rich in trans-resveratrol, the most bioavailable form of this healthy aging nutrient instead cis-resveratrol, which is not well utilized by our bodies. The cardiovascular health benefits of trans-resveratrol are attributed to its potent antioxidant capacity to oppose oxidative stress, fostering healthy blood vessel function and circulation. Resveratrol’s free-radical-fighting power also helps defend our brains, nerves, and skin to promote healthy longevity.

Our natively grown SuperPure Japanese knotweed extract with trans-resveratrol is certified organic and standardized to guarantee an abundance of trans-resveratrol in an optimum amount backed by research to provide greater benefits than red wine — without any of the downsides. No alcohol, no sulfites, no solvents, no additives, no chemicals, no calories.

A Year ago