Rose Flower Extract

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), rose petals (specifically Rosa rugosa buds known as Mei Gui Hua) help to energetically open a heart that is emotionally or spiritually tightened. In TCM, the heart is considered the seat of the spirit. Rose promotes the movement of Qi, releasing bottled-up energy or feelings of being stuck. A wonderful nervine, rose flowers are great for helping to support a healthy mood and invoking an overall sense of ease. Rose also aids in a healthy inflammatory response. 

Our organic rose flower extract is made with roses from the Gansu province or “China’s land of roses”. With a water-only extraction process, our extract is standardized to contain 20% polyphenols, which are antioxidants shown to protect your body’s tissues from oxidative stress. Standardization ensures you get an effective concentration of these polyphenol compounds, making it unlike any other rose flower extract on the market. 

A Year ago