Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)

Methylcobalamin is the biologically active and “tissue-ready” form of vitamin B12, which means it can be easily assimilated and used by our bodies with no conversion needed by the liver before use. This especially benefits those that may have challenges with their methylation process. Methylcobalamin is involved in many important health processes including cardiac and cognitive function, sleep, blood cell formation, and nerve health. B12 is a critical B vitamin that our human body is incapable of synthesizing so we must rely on food and supplement sources. To make matters worse, many folks are prone to deficiency due to their dietary choices or difficulties with absorption as a result of normal aging or gut issues.

Our methylcobalamin is created using green chemistry and is the cleanest in the industry (MecobalActive®). Its patented process is the safest way of producing the finest source of vitamin B12—without the need for toxic solvents or byproducts. Our methylcobalamin is highly stable and pure, with proven bioavailability and benefit for nerve health/comfort and cognitive impairment. We’ve gone to great lengths to bring you this highly specialized form of methylcobalamin made safely and sustainably so that you can experience maximum benefit.

A Year ago