Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is an essential nutrient with far-reaching health benefits. Multifaceted in its roles, D3 supports immune function, cardiovascular health, cognitive abilities, and more! But perhaps its most critical role is in bone health, where it regulates mineral concentrations and ensures that calcium is actively absorbed by your bones. Meaning Vitamin D3 is foundational to a healthy and strong bone structure. Although your body naturally creates D3 from sunlight, research shows that many of us aren’t getting enough, making supplementation essential.

Our Vitamin D3 is derived from a sustainable, vegan source: algae. Other vegan D3 sources can deplete natural ecosystems when harvested (looking at you, lichen). Whereas our algae is grown and sustainably harvested in a clean, indoor environment. To derive our vegan D3, we meticulously grow and harvest the algae, then purify the vitamin D component without the use of harsh solvents. The concentrated D3 oil is then converted into a powder form with the use of certified organic drying carriers such as acacia gum. The result? Highly pure, highly potent vitamin D3 that serves your body the nutrients it needs, while being 100% vegan and environmentally sustainable.

3 Months ago