Are You Getting All You Can From Your Turmeric Supplement?

Search “turmeric” on the web and you’ll find an abundance of articles about its many health benefits. There’s certainly not a scarcity of information, research, or uses when it comes to this ancient spice and Ayurvedic “Golden Healer”. But there’s more you need to know if you’re aiming to get the most out of this golden treasure.

What You Need To Know About Turmeric Supplements

Here are the top four things you should know before you buy a turmeric supplement:

A+ for Absorption?

It’s true, turmeric is downright tough to absorb. Curcumin, one of turmeric’s key bioactive compounds, is particularly tricky. The quest continues for supplement brands trying to optimize curcumin’s bioavailability, using both physical and chemical methods to tame turmeric’s tactics. For example, adding black pepper extract is very popular, but piperine’s potential advantages might be outweighed by its side effects.

But these companies failed to look at what was right in front of them. In nature’s wisdom, turmeric actually contains its very own bioavailability boosters: essential oils called “turmerones.” Pairing curcumin with these naturally occurring turmerones oils solves a solubility dilemma and makes turmeric a welcome treat to our cells.

Purity, Testing & Certified Organic

Since turmeric is a root (technically called a rhizome), it’s highly exposed to whatever is found in the soil in which it grows. Unfortunately, most herbs that grow in soil, like turmeric, are frequently with heavy metals like lead. Heavy metals are a no-go for food and supplements, with only trace amounts being allowed for safety.

Has your turmeric been fully vetted and tested for heavy metals and other contaminants? Always ask. And beyond heavy metals, certified organic ingredients are free of GMOs, pesticides, and pollutants – nothing that gets in the way of supporting your health. Choosing an extract that is made with certified organic turmeric is a way to ensure that it is of the utmost purity — from seed, to production, to bottle.

Beyond Extraction

Indian curry dishes may be delicious. But how much good is that dash of whole turmeric spice actually doing for you? Not as much as we would hope. Taking a whole spectrum, concentrated extract of turmeric with guaranteed levels of beneficial bioactives is much more effective for finding turmeric’s true weight in gold.

Another twist to turmeric is that not just one step will extract its full nourishment. Each of turmeric’s bioactive nutrients requires a different extraction method, and combining them in a pure, potent synergy is a work of art. Using non-toxic and ecologically friendly extraction process with organic ethanol, purified water, and CO2, we maximize the full spectrum of turmeric’s wellness benefits, with proven potencies that are fully standardized in every capsule. Here at Pure Synergy®, we call this our organic SuperPure® process.

The Synergy of the Whole

Recent research has brought into question the benefits of curcumin-only supplements. When we ignore nature’s wisdom, we risk the loss of a plant’s overall synergy. Turmeric is so much more than just its curcuminoids. It contains a whole spectrum of essential oils and polysaccharides that should not be underestimated for their rich benefits for immune health and more.

That’s why we designed our organic SuperPure® Turmeric as a triple extract containing complete package of curcuminoids, turmerones, and polysaccharides that turmeric has to offer for a holistically effective approach.

Key Takeaway

When you’re shopping for a turmeric supplement, make sure you know the whole story behind what you’re purchasing. At Pure Synergy, we’ve taken all of the above into account over the many years it took us to create something truly effective. Give your body wellness gold with SuperPure® Turmeric.

6 Years ago