The Pure Synergy® Logo

Our registered trademark is a glimpse into the very beginnings of life itself. It is an enlarged reproduction of a microscopic prehistoric fossil. The beauty, symmetry, and energy of this primordial seed of life are astonishing. Our logo superbly illustrates the essence of synergy – a state of being in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The delicate interconnectedness and cooperation of each molecule combine to create something of unsurpassed vitality and nourishment.


In the ancient Sanskrit language, mandala means circle. To Hindus, Buddhists and people spanning the far east, however, it means much more. It is a geometric diagram used to symbolize the universe and serves as a collection point of mental attention and energy.

Mandalas are painted on paper, wood, stone, cloth or drawn on carefully prepared ground using multi-colored rice powders. They are even constructed into architectural structures and whole temples are built as giant mandalas. Using meditation techniques, people mentally “enter” the mandala, and slowly “proceed” toward its center. In this way, mandalas are used to create, attract, focus and contain sacred energy.

Interestingly, similar ritual drawings can be found in cultures around the world including Native North American sand paintings, Islamic mosques, Christian cathedrals and Aboriginal paintings. Carl Jung believed the mandala to be a symbol of the self striving toward wholeness and stated “The God image expresses itself in the mandala.”


Mandalas pervade all of the natural world – from the geometry of a pinecone to the winding spirals within a sea shell, to the symmetry of a sunflower. The simple act of gazing at the fractals in a snowflake or at images of giant rotating galaxies can calm the mind and bring us an elevated sense of peace.

The Pure Synergy logo is another example of a naturally occurring mandala found in an ancient organic speck. It embodies a wholeness within a microcosm that is connected to something much greater. This magnificent image, and the synergy it represents, expresses the mission of Pure Synergy and that which we strive for in all we do.

6 Years ago