Bioavailable Bone Botanicals

When you think of a bone supplement, what comes to mind? Calcium, for sure. Maybe vitamin D. What about wasabi? Probably not.

At Pure Synergy®, we never do things like the rest of the crowd. Instead, we go above and beyond to give you the most innovative health support. Case in point, Bone Renewal®. Inside this comprehensive formula for optimal bone health is a unique three-part blend of bone-nourishing ingredients.

The first part contains plant-based core minerals and vitamins. Part two has trace minerals from Icelandic red algae which work as cofactors to the core nutrients. While the third part of the formula has our synergistic secret sauce – the bioavailable, bone-supporting botanicals.

While you might find the first two parts of the formula in other bone supplements, in most cases, they will be synthetic isolates which are chemically made in a lab and difficult for your body to absorb. As for the third part of the formula, we’re willing to bet you won’t find these rare botanicals in comparable purity, potency, and quantity in any other bone health formula.

Here’s what makes each of these unique herbal extracts so important for the health of your bones.

Cissus Quadrangularis Extract

Traditionally nicknamed “bone-knitter,” cissus is an ancient herbal remedy used for over 2,000 years in Ayurvedic Indian medicine and in Africa. Studies have shown cissus has numerous health benefits such as positively influencing healthy bone generation and bone strengthening. In clinical human research, it promoted healthy bone mineral density and calcium uptake into the bones.

Our cissus is hand-gathered and sustainably wild-harvested just for Pure Synergy. It’s extracted with only the purest processes and with absolutely no chemical solvents. We've included the full amount of cissus extract proven to be safe and effective in scientific studies.

Sargassum Algae Extract

Based on several decades of Japanese scientific research, sargassum seaweed has been shown to support the natural bone renewal process known as remodeling.

It does this by interacting with two sets of bone cell specialists – osteoclasts and osteoblasts. Osteoclasts break down old bone at the end of its lifecycle through a process called resorption. 

Osteoblasts then move right in to fill the gaps and build up fresh, new layers of bone. Sargassum was found to stimulate osteoblast bone formation and inhibit osteoclast bone resorption, thereby increasing bone mass.

Our sargassum is sustainably harvested and processed without any chemicals. It’s then tested multiple times for heavy metals, radiation, and many other factors to ensure its purity and safety.

Wasabi Rhizome & Leaf

So much more than a deliciously spicy condiment for your sushi, wasabi supports your natural bone regeneration process.

A compound in wasabi called p-hydroxycinnamic acid (HCA) can spark osteoblasts to get to work building bone and curbs osteoclasts from breaking bone down, resulting in stronger bones.

Did you know that over 95% of wasabi in sushi restaurants is fake? It’s true! Genuine wasabi is extremely rare and has many health benefits. It takes 18 months for our sustainably harvested wasabi to mature. After harvest, the plants are freeze-dried and tested to ensure they retain the highest concentrations of their active compounds like HCA.

Tabasheer Bamboo Extract

Tabasheer, the world's richest plant source of silica, comes from the pearl-colored sap of bamboo plants. Our bodies need silica to produce collagen, the protein famous for promoting healthy skin. But collagen also keeps our bones, ligaments, cartilage, and tendons supple, and our joints flexible.

Tabasheer bamboo silica has been used for centuries by cultures around the world to help maintain healthy bones, hair, skin, teeth, and nails.

It’s also known to enhance the function of calcium, magnesium, boron and other minerals that are essential for bone development and overall health. We use a sustainable and wild-gathered bamboo tabasheer, which we filter to ensure its purity and support for optimal bone health.

Feel The Difference in Your Bones

Your bones are a vibrant, living system designed to renew and regenerate every day. Bones not only give your body structure, strength, and mobility, they also serve as your mineral storehouse, help maintain your immune system, and contribute to your overall health in a myriad of ways. Bone Renewal works comprehensively to provide the full spectrum of support your healthy bones need, with plant-based ingredients your body can absorb, and without chemicals, synthetic minerals, or limestone that so many other products contain.

3 Years ago