Fermented Vitamins Explained

Fermented Vitamins Explained

Consciously formulated for bioavailability, purity, and potency, fermented vitamins are central to many Pure Synergy® products, like Multi·Vita·Min™, Vita·Min·Herb®, and our newest multivitamins. Here’s why more and more people are incorporating them into their wellness routine.


First, what does “fermented vitamins” mean?

Fermentation is a natural process that occurs when carbs and other nutrients are digested by microorganisms like healthy yeast and bacteria, adding extra nutritional value to whatever is being fermented. That’s how things like kimchi and kombucha get their nutritious kick. These additive health benefits are why people opt for supplements with fermented vitamins.


But to fully understand the growing popularity of fermented vitamins, let’s first look at the broader vitamin landscape.


There are three main vitamin types:

1. Vitamins From Whole Foods

All whole foods contain naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. They generally occur in small amounts relative to carbs, proteins, fats, and plant phytonutrients (aka have a low potency), butttt vitamins in the whole food sources exist alongside other synergistic compounds, giving this vitamin form natural and additive health benefits. Sometimes, vitamins or minerals from food can be specially concentrated to give you more bang for your buck, but not always.


2. Vitamin Isolates

When people weigh taking whole food vitamins vs synthetic vitamins, isolates are often the synthetic option in question. And they are by far the most common vitamin type used for supplements. Essentially, *puts on lab goggles* isolates are highly potent vitamins synthesized in a lab environment. Compared to nutrients found in whole foods, isolates are, well, isolated. Meaning they lack synergistic compounds.


While it’s easy to vilify this vitamin type as being “unnatural”, isolates are effective antidotes for vitamin deficiencies and can be manufactured from natural starting materials


3. Fermented Vitamins

Fermented vitamins offer the benefits of both whole food and isolate vitamins. They mimic the way vitamins are found in nature AND they can be concentrated and potent. While they’re the cornerstone of all Pure Synergy multivitamins, our single vitamin supplements (like Zinc, Choline, and Super B complexes to name a few) are also made with fermented vitamins. Check out our infographic for details on the Pure Synergy vitamin fermentation process.


Amazing! But, why are isolates involved?

Because of their purity and potency, we use USP-grade, organic-compliant vitamin isolates to assign which vitamin is being cultivated in the fermentation process. And while we consciously source the vitamin isolate that is used, by the end of the fermentation process, it’s been broken down by the yeast and synergized with other nutrients and cofactors from the added whole foods. Making it not so isolated and more like what you would find in nature.


Bottom line, what are the benefits of fermented vitamins?

Essentially, fermented vitamins work with your body’s natural ability to support your health and well-being. The fermentation process mixes the additive health benefits of whole foods with the high potency of isolates, resulting in vitamins that are pure, potent, highly bioavailable, and easy on your digestive system. A win-win…win-win, win.

2 Years ago