Rethinking Self-Care

Relationships bring a lot of joy to the human experience. But amidst the bustle of daily life, the many roles we hold – spouse, partner, friend, parent, care-taker – can take on a weight of responsibility. And because this feeling of duty is rooted in a deep care for our loved ones, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily to-dos and forget about someone who also deserves that TLC— ourselves.

We often think of self-care as frivolous. Something that might initially make its way onto the to-do list (hellooo bubble bath), but might get booted off by practical items like laundry, grocery shopping, childcare, you name it! Typically, these more practical items take priority.

But they shouldn’t.

While it’s easy to think of self-care as simply soothing activities, the most beneficial part of a self-care routine isn’t the stress reduction (though we do love that), it’s demonstrating to yourself that you are worth prioritizing and showing up for. Even when the schedule is tight, even when others need your care and attention, even when there are chores to get done. In fact, it’s especially important then.

Consistently carving out time for self-care allows you to nurture the most important relationship of all – the one you have with yourself. Self-care activities are an embodied form of self-love. And when your cup feels full, you have more to offer those around you.

Show Yourself Some Love

When it comes to self-care, everyone has different needs. Some of us like to nourish our bodies, others lean into activities that cultivate mental and emotional resilience, and some are drawn towards things that recharge their spiritual stores. But because all these aspects of health are interconnected, it’s good to strive towards a combination of all three.

Here are some ideas for simple self-care activities that can help us be our healthiest, most vibrant, and joyful selves:

Self-Care for The Body

Try a new online fitness class – like yoga, spinning or barre
Go for a walk, run, or bike ride
Take a cat nap
Get a good night’s sleep
Get a facial, massage or mani-pedi
Eat plenty of real, whole, nutrient-dense fruits & veggies
Take vitamins & superfoods for extra nutritional support & to fill in the gaps

Self-Care For Mind & Emotions

Speak words of loving kindness to yourself
Unplug from technology
Watch a funny movie and laugh
Be creative – do a craft project, sing, dance, paint, whatever gets your creative juices flowing
Snuggle up with your pet
Go on a date night with your partner or friend
Have a girls/guys night out
Curl up & read a good book
Sit quietly & enjoy a cup of tea or a good meal

Self-Care For The Spirit

Meditate – or simply stop & pay attention to your breath
Keep a journal
List 10 things you are grateful for
Go out into nature & take a hike
Lay in the grass & look up at the clouds
Put your bare feet into a running stream, grass or sand
Go fishing, camping, kayaking or anything else in nature
Go to church, synagogue, mosque, temple or any place that is sacred to you

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