Fucoidan — A Hidden Gem

At PURE SYNERGY® we scour the planet for the most health-supporting compounds that Mother Nature has to offer. Be they well-known, like turmeric, or obscure, like fucoidan, we find ways to offer them in their most concentrated, pure, and effective forms. When we choose what supplements to make available, our primary concern is if and how it can benefit health. In the case of fucoidan, the potential health benefits were so clear, that we simply had to make it available.

What is Fucoidan?

Fucoidan is a relatively unknown compound that occurs naturally in the cell walls of brown seaweeds. Fucoidans are long chain polysaccharides which function to protect the plant from threats in their native environment.

Fucoidan-containing seaweeds, like wakame, kombu, bladderwrack, and mozuku, have been valued for centuries for their dietary and health-giving properties. In Asian traditional healing practices, these seaweeds have been used to support a wide range of health conditions. In Okinawa, Japan, people have been consuming brown seaweeds, rich in fucoidan, as part of their daily diet for centuries. It may be one of the reasons they are among the healthiest people on earth with some of the highest life expectancies in the world.

What Can It Do?

Professor Kylin, of Uppsala University in Sweden, discovered fucoidan in 1913. But it wasn’t until the past thirty years or so that research of the compound has really taken off, and more than 1400 independent, peer-reviewed research papers have been published about the active properties of fucoidan.

Most recognized for its immune benefits, fucoidan supports the body’s natural defense mechanisms to uphold optimal immune health. It has also been shown to foster healthy digestive function and promote healthy aging.

SuperPure® Fucoidan Extract

Not all fucoidan extracts are created equal, and there are two major factors that determine the potency, bioactivity, and efficacy of their bioactive compounds — the method of extraction and the seaweed species from which fucoidan is extracted. Many methods of extraction use toxic solvents which negatively affect the structure and function of the resulting fucoidan. In contrast, our fucoidan extract is made with a gentle, zero-waste, water-only extraction process that yields an unadulterated extract of superior quality with enhanced bioactivity and purity.

Our fucoidan is derived from organic Undaria pinnatifida algae, informally known as wakame, and is hand-harvested from pristine coastal reefs. This species is considered one of the highest-quality, most premium sources of fucoidan, and it’s the most widely tested and researched species in the world. On top of that, SuperPure® Fucoidan Extract is vegan, while many others are put into animal-derived gelatin capsules. The result is a high-potency formula, with 100 mg of organic fucoidan per capsule, with maximum purity and efficacy.

4 Years ago