Time-Saving & Tasty Overnight Oats

In our fast-paced, modern world, we’re always looking for ways to save time. We simultaneously need to fuel up in the morning to maintain our strenuous schedules. The good news is that we can kill two birds with one stone with a nutritious, delicious, grab-and-go breakfast — overnight oats.

One of the healthiest grains on earth, oats are nutrient-dense, a good source of fiber, and also have more good fats and protein than most grains. Add to that some PURE SYNERGY® Superfood powder, and you’ve got a potent, nutrient-dense jump-start to the day. Most of us have eaten oatmeal in the morning, but overnight oats allow you to meal prep a healthy breakfast for the whole work week since they last about five days in the fridge.

You can use this base recipe for a start and then customize the different flavor variations depending on your taste or mood. Just place the ingredients in a jar, close tightly, shake to blend, and refrigerate overnight.


1. Make it inside mason jars with measurement lines on the side.
That way you can measure, mix, chill, and eat the overnight oats all in one convenient place.

2. Use rolled oats, not quick or steel cut oats. Quick oats get too soggy
and steel cut don’t soften enough using this cooking method.

3. You can add most of the flavor ingredients directly to your mason jar.
But hold off on adding fresh fruit if you are making several batches
for the week, since the fruit might not last that long. It’s best to
add the fruit either the night before, or right before you eat it.

Base Recipe
½ cup rolled oats
½ cup milk of choice
¼ cup Greek or vegan yogurt
1 tbsp chia seeds
2 tsp raw honey
¼ tsp vanilla extract

Blue-Green Oats

1 tbsp Organic Blue-Green Algae Powder
¼ cup blueberries
½ tsp cinnamon
Optional toppings: Pistachios & pomegranate seeds

Berry Banana Oats
1 tbsp Berry Power™ powder
½ sliced banana
Optional toppings: Granola & chocolate nibs

4 Years ago