Harnessing the Power of Herbal Wisdom


A reverence for nature is central to many cultures around the world. And for good reason, too! Humans have a profound, healing relationship with nature, specifically plants.

Many of the medicinal plants utilized in healing traditions like Traditional Chinese Medicine are central to the social and agricultural ecosystems of their native regions – and have been that way for many, many years. In the case of Rosa rugosa, a species of rose from China’s Gansu Province traditionally used to clear the heart space, we’re talking about a lineage that tracks all the way back to the days of the Silk Road (that’s a B.C. timestamp, people!).

What emerges from a lineage like that? Intergenerational herbal wisdom. A powerful, sage understanding of how to cultivate and use these botanicals in ways that impart the most of their health-giving compounds. Making it possible to harness their innate healing gifts and use them to create greater wellness in the world.  

What Does Herbal Wisdom Mean to Pure Synergy®?

When it comes to sourcing the natural ingredients in our products, we look to regions of the world best known for producing the highest-quality varieties. Looking to places where the plant is indigenously grown, or otherwise central to the culture, typically translates to organic farming practices steeped in intergenerational wisdom. Meaning: a deep reverence for both the land and the restorative power of the botanicals themselves. A power we further distill with our SuperPure® extraction methods. 

This sourcing intentionality was especially true when it came to the ingredients in Radiant Mood®. Because it’s formulated to help enhance your mental health, not only did we want each and every ingredient to be science-backed, but we also wanted to source our ingredients from places that were steeped in the rich, restorative power of tradition.

Exploring the Herbal Wisdom Behind Radiant Mood®

For Radiant Mood, finding the best ingredients nature had to offer was (as always) a worldwide pursuit. So, pack your bags, we’re going on a trip! First stop…


Gansu Province – Certified Organic Rose Flower Extract

Roses from this province are of some of the highest quality in the world. Which is why the roses used in our organic rose flower extract hail from “China’s Land of Roses” in the Gansu Province.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, rose petals, especially the Rosa rugosa buds found in Radiant Mood, are thought to help move energy through a heart that is emotionally or spiritually closed-off. Aka, act as a natural nervine.

Our organic rose blooms are grown in a farm cooperative that optimizes both water efficiency and soil diversity in their farming practices. And with a water-only extraction process, our extract is rich in bioactive compounds. (Think: 20% polyphenols.)

Luohe, China – Gardenia Fruit Extract

Gardenia is native to east China, which is why we source the gardenia in our gardenia fruit extract from an organic green-house farm in Luohe. Their organic growing practices help maintain thriving nutrient density in the soil and in the gardenia fruit itself.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, gardenia fruit is used to help foster healthy blood flow and an uplifted mood (a “no-brainer” botanical to include in Radiant Mood).

Jinlin Province – Wild-Crafted Albizia Flower Extract

Our Albizia flower extract is made with wildcrafted petals. Due to Albizia being a thriving tree in this region, only an estimated 5% of Albizia gets harvested each season, meaning overharvesting these blushing blooms is never a concern.

Albizia flowers have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for many centuries. Known as “The Tree of Happiness”, Albizia is traditionally used to help promote emotional and mental well-being.

Hubei Province – Wild-Crafted Albizia Tree Bark Extract

Albizia flowers aren’t the only part of the plant known to be health-enhancing – the bark is too! Albizia trees grow wild in many parts of China, but the trees in certain areas of the Hubei province are known to have higher concentrations of Triterpenoid Saponins, a primary active ingredient of the plant.

Our Albizia bark extract is wildcrafted from Albizia forests that need regular thinning due to overgrowth. Due to this mindful harvesting cycle, the forest then has room for regeneration from natural seed spread.  

Sichuan Province – Certified Organic Magnolia Bark Extract

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, magnolia bark is used as a calming agent that helps reduce feelings of stress or anxiousness.

Native to China’s Sichuan Province, the magnolia used in our magnolia bark extract comes from a panda-friendly preserve located in this region. When harvested, only the outer bark of the tree is collected, which allows for its sustainable regeneration.

Not only that but our certified organic extract is made using CO2 extraction – no environmentally damaging solvents here! Meaning the key bioactive ingredients from the bark are preserved in a way that’s good for your body and the planet.

Bulgaria – Certified Organic Bulgarian Lavender Extract

South of the Balkan Mountains

Bulgaria is the largest producer of lavender in the world, and for good reason. Its climate is incredibly suited to support a variety of Bulgarian lavender called Lavendula angustifolia, which is clinically studied due to its exceptionally high concentration of active compounds.

The plant saplings for our organic lavender extract are cultivated in sprawling fields near Gabarevo Village. And rather than a Bulgarian lavender essential oil, our extract is a first-of-its-kind lavender oil powder extract (*pause for ooo’s & ahh’s*). And we use CO2 extraction methods to concentrate its soothing compounds.

Iran – Certified Organic Saffron Extract

Khorasan Razavi Province

Saffron is a crop that’s central to the social and agricultural landscape of this region and has been for several thousand years. Its arid climate is a match made in saffron heaven, which is why it yields some of the highest-quality saffron in the world.

Saffron’s bioactive compounds have been meticulously studied for their ability to help support a healthy, uplifted mood, and saffron from this region is blooming with bioactives (literally). So of course, for our certified organic saffron extract, we source saffron from Iran.

In the Khorasan Razavi Province, saffron is produced in an agricultural cooperative – the first of its kind for organic Iranian saffron. To nurture the traditional culture of saffron, growers receive technical support at each stage of production.

Spain – Certified Organic Lemon Balm Leaf Extract

Southern Spain

The lemon balm in our certified organic lemon balm leaf extract is from organic farmland in Southern Spain that offers complete traceability from seed to extract. Once the leaves of this adaptogen are harvested, theyre distilled to an essential oil that same afternoon, a practice that maintains the bioactive bounty of a peak-ripe leaf and helps produces a highly bioactive extract (done without the use of any harsh chemical solvents). *Sigh* Let the calm commence from these lovely stress-soothing leaves.

Generations of Knowledge in Each Plant

What a journey! After all that traveling it’s clear to see – when a plant is grown in its indigenous land, and by growers familiar with native farming practices passed down from generation to generation, it’s backed by the power of herbal wisdom. Intergenerational knowledge is distilled into each and every plant. And that’s what it means to source quality botanical ingredients.

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