Mood-Supporting Vitamins & Botanicals

Mood-Supporting Vitamins & Botanicals


We are amazing, creative, productive, resilient human beings. We can overcome daunting obstacles and accomplish incredible feats. But we are more than just what we do; who we are and how we feel about ourselves are the substance behind our success.

A positive self-worth is behind the assurance, confidence, and motivation that we need to spark new ideas and meet our goals.

Our state of mind is a beautifully complex function of physical, chemical, environmental, and relational stimuli. Some of us throw spirituality into that mix, too. With so many different inputs, we’re still learning about the how’s and why’s behind individual moods. And while some things are out of our control, thanks to science, we know a lot about what we can do to support our mental wellness.

The Makeup of Your Mood

So, what do we know about what informs our daily moods? How do (sometimes imperceivable) experiences make our outlook toggle from day to day? Why do some of us frequently experience a lack of motivation or negative sense of well-being?

Nature and Nurture

Our emotional well-being is informed by both our genes and our social environment. Most data suggest a roughly 40/60 split. Meaning it’s not so much “nature versus nurture”, but rather “nature and nurture”. On the “nature” side of things, we may be born with brain differences that influence how we experience stress and emotion, or we might inherit an extra-sensitive immune system.

On the “nurture” side, whether we see the glass half-full or half-empty can draw largely from our social experiences, especially those within our family unit. And, these two sides are interconnected – each informs the other. Even Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese wisdom agree with the inseparable, two-way street of the mind-body connection.


Maybe we can’t alter our DNA or reshape our early childhood sculpting, but we do know there are distinct neuropathways in the brain that are largely influenced by nutrition and lifestyle – things we can do something about!

There are two neurotransmitters central to sustaining a happy mood and a positive sense of well-being: serotonin and dopamine.

Serotonin might be the hardest-working neurotransmitter in the body. From the gut to the brain, serotonin makes sure signals are delivered for digestion, sleep, repair, and more. We can think of serotonin as our yogi, master of balance and calm. Dopamine is a bit more yin-yang. As a necessary factor in positive motivation, we need sufficient dopamine to persevere and pursue happiness. But dopamine also needs its wise friend serotonin to keep it in check so that we can also feel stable and satisfied.

Your body makes these naturally, but it also needs a contribution of dietary nutrients to keep everything on Goldilocks level: juuuust right. Supporting the supply and stability of these mood messengers appears to be an effective way to promote the steady spirit and optimism that we all desire.

Nutrients That Act as Natural Mood Enhancers

Now that we have an idea of how the inner workings of our bodies influence our moods, let’s look at some of the key nutrients at the center of our mental matrix.


B-vitamins are the sustenance of our cells. Without them, cells throughout our bodies could not exist, work, or replicate. A virtually endless supply is needed to power our brains, which consume 20% or more of our energy needs. While it’s simplistic to merge the impacts of each vitamin in the B family on mood, their central roles in ATP production, oxygen delivery, and protein synthesis represent a singular foundation for balance and steadiness. An energized brain is a determined and empowered mind.

Vitamin D

Cholecalciferol, or Vitamin D3, is technically not a vitamin. This enigmatic nutrient is so essential to your body that it can be synthesized from sunlight and supplied by food; ideally, we get it from both. Acting more like a hormone, Vitamin D is an orchestra conductor for the symphony of immune health, cellular and neural development, and bone maintenance. In the brain, D3 regulates serotonin and melatonin, the stewards of restfulness and calm.

Vitamin C

Our hard-working brains consume oxygen like it’s their job (and it is). And the more we use it, the more we increase its demand. Free radicals are a strange consequence of all of our thinking, feeling, and doing, so our bodies have a built-in rapid-response team for these potentially damaging rogues: antioxidants! Chief among them is Vitamin C, a ubiquitous nutrient in green vegetables and fruit, that puts a stop to greedy oxygen radicals and protects our delicate brain cells and neurons so they can focus on keeping us happy.


It’s impossible to overstate the value of zinc for maintaining the health of our body and brain. From facilitating the digestion and utilization of nutrients so that cells operate at their best, to optimizing the stress-resilience of our immune system, to tightly regulating neurotransmitter balance, zinc is practically heroic. This mighty mineral is the fulcrum for mood stability by optimizing the balance of relaxing serotonin and take-action glutamate.

Supplements with the purest, freshest, most potent and bioavailable forms of these mood-enhancing nutrients are a safe and effective way to enhance your happiness.

A Botanical Boost: Introducing Radiant Mood®

With a holistic, mind-body-spirit framework for interpreting the many facets of our moods, we used our heads and our hearts to craft a carefully curated blend of SuperPure® botanical extracts backed by solid science and trusted herbal wisdom. Here’s a peek into how and why we selected these brain-loving botanicals for a Radiant Mood®:

  • Saffron. The practically priceless stigma of the Crocus flower helps promote calm by supporting healthy levels of serotonin and GABA and bringing our stress response back into balance.
  • Lavender. The relaxing effects of lavender aren’t just anecdotal. Research confirms that both the aroma and chemistry of lavender flowers provide potent support for overstimulated nerves.
  • Gardenia. A cousin to saffron, gardenia supplies another source of calm-inducing crocins that promote the relaxation of blood vessels for a return to peaceful homeostasis.
  • Albizia. Where else but the “tree of happiness” would we look for boosting our outlook on life? The bark and delicate flowers of Albizia have been shown to directly enhance mood by promoting the activity of serotonin and GABA receptors.
  • Lemon Balm. The fresh and bright aroma of lemon balm hints to its benefits for enhancing mental clarity and focus. Its leaves are packed with powerful polyphenols that offer antioxidant support against the negative effects of stress.
  • Magnolia. The bark of this elegant tree shares its stability and strength with us in response to stress by promoting the balance of stimulating and calming neurotransmitters.
  • Rose. By any other name, we would still love rose for more than its sweet aroma. The polyphenols within the beautiful buds and petals of rose help counteract a melancholy mood and promote an uplifted spirit.
Radiant Mood

Nourish Your Joy

When we observe the quiet strength and beauty of nature, we discover a plentiful palette of nutrients that exist to support and sustain the same spirit in us. Mental wellness starts with wholeness of body, mind, and spirit, of which nutrition is an integral gift.

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