Herbal Harmony for Your Heart

In the static and dynamic rhythms of life, we tend not to notice the steady inner beat that tracks our days. And that’s a good thing! Ideally, we just feel the steady energy, strength, and overall wellness that results from a balanced cardiovascular core.

Heart health is truly holistic. The powerful pump that we call the heart might be at the hub, but its role and functions find their place in a vast network of supportive structures and substances that require just as much care.

Cardiovascular Cadence

When it comes to supporting our hearts and cardiovascular health, there are a few defining mechanisms that drive and sustain an optimal beat:

Pressure – Nerves, muscles, and cells must stay in sync to uphold the give-and-take between our heart, blood vessels, and brain, maintaining just the right levels of force and relaxation that allow blood to get to its destinations and back again.

Circulation – Our arteries, veins, and capillaries represent a coordinated set of inlets, outlets, and channels for the blood that gathers and delivers the nutrients we need. Keeping a clear and dynamic flow is essential for equilibrium throughout the entire body.

Composition – Amazingly, the chemical makeup of our blood is just as meaningful to cardiovascular function as our mechanical pumps and parts. The ratios and behavior of blood cells, immune cells, electrolytes, and lipids are key communicators that inform how our hearts and vasculature do their jobs.

Plant Protectors for Your Pulse

With the intricacy of our cardiovascular system in mind, what can we do to help promote, protect, and preserve it? Both traditional use of herbs and modern science present a rich repertoire of bioactive compounds shown to tap into the tempo of our heart’s wellness.

Meet the 11 botanical extracts and enzymes in our comprehensive Heart Protector®!

SuperPure® Healthy Blood Pressure Protectors
Hawthorn Berry – A quintessential example of “form fits function”, these bright red berries have your heart in mind. A popular go-to for supporting overall heart health, hawthorn berries help sustain the rate and strength of cardiac muscle contractions, promoting the efficacy of our pumps for whole-body oxygenation.


Grape Seed – From the Mediterranean’s favorite fruit, tiny grape seeds hold benefits way beyond their size. Packed with potent flavonoids, grape seeds help fight damaging lipid peroxidation in the endothelial lining of blood vessels, maintaining flexibility and resilience.


Japanese KnotweedJapanese Knotweed – This plant might be unfamiliar, but its heart-loving treasure is not: resveratrol! As the best and most concentrated source of the trans-resveratrol our bodies recognize, this perennial herb supports the healthy activity of nerves and enzymes that control blood pressure.


Pomegranate Fruit – Another heart doppelganger, this wonderful red globe is well-known for its proanthocyanidins linked to multiple cardiovascular benefits. In addition to its potent antioxidant activity, pomegranate’s bioactives support the right balance of glucose and insulin that maintain cellular integrity in our hearts and vasculature.


Mandarin Orange – From the coat surrounding your Cutie® comes a bioflavonoid duo that promotes healthy blood vessels. Quercetin and hesperidin collaborate to support cellular metabolism and oppose oxidative stress.


SuperPure® Healthy Circulation & Cholesterol Protectors
Olive Fruit – Another jewel of the Mediterranean, olives have value beyond their heart-healthy oil. Extracts of olive flesh are highly concentrated with oleuropein and tyrosol, phytonutrients that help maintain healthy cholesterol ratios for balanced blood composition.


Turmeric Rhizome – As the authority on antioxidants, this ruddy root contains a full spectrum of free-radical fighting compounds that work together to promote optimal lipid metabolism and immune defenses in our heart, blood vessels, and blood.


Red Sage RootRed Sage Root – Once again resembling their role, the red capillary-like roots of the red sage plant carry special polyphenols like tanshinones and salvianolic acid that foster steady blood flow and balanced blood composition.


Hibiscus Flower – Hibiscus acids are a team of potent organic acids strongly associated with maintaining the healthy glucose and lipid metabolism that underlies optimal arterial tone and supports robust circulation.


SuperPure® Healthy Artery & Blood Vessel Protectors
Fermented Natto – From the highly dexterous soy plant comes natto, a fermented Japanese dietary favorite that also happens to be primed with an enzyme that promotes blood vessel integrity. Nattokinase naturally promotes healthy turnover of proteins and fibers in vascular walls to keep them pliable and resilient.


Fermented Melon – Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is one of our body’s innate antioxidant enzymes, guarding and protecting cells throughout the body, including those in our hard-working vasculature. Fermenting a unique species of bitter melon yields a pure, concentrated source of SOD that helps sustain our body’s cardio-capacity through stress.


Synergy that Sustains a Healthy Heart

The strong yet gentle beats and flows of our hearts, vessels, and blood are stabilized through synergy with each other and the nutrients that support them. When we tap into nature’s rhythms, we find vitality and vibrancy to support a long life and a heart that’s whole.

11 Months ago