The Immune System – Guarding Good Health

Whether we’re navigating a change of seasons, a room full of kids with runny noses, or a jam-packed airplane or elevator full of sniffling passengers, we want to know that our immune system is there when we need it most.

We all know that some of us are more prone to getting sick than others. It’s not just about exposure — how many times have you been exposed to the same bug as someone else but only one of you got sick? It’s the strength, readiness, and balance of your immune system that really matters.


Our immune system is incredibly designed by nature to be continuously on guard, carrying out its elaborate, masterful task of keeping us healthy.

We’re born into this world with a very powerful, built-in defense. That’s good because the minute we leave the safe bubble of the womb and throughout our entire lives, we are bombarded by all kinds of potential threats from every direction. As we grow up, our immune system gets better and better at its job of protecting us.

This is what’s called our innate, or natural, immunity. It’s our body’s generalized first-line response to outside threats. It recognizes “self” from “non-self” and protects us from anything that isn’t supposed to be in our bodies. Structural barriers like our skin and the lining inside our respiratory and digestive tracts are the first wave of defense.

Special types of white blood cells are also part of our innate immunity, on patrol around the clock, searching out and destroying any and all threats to our health. These incredible white blood cells have many functions: phagocytes engulf foreign invaders and debris; natural killer cells destroy abnormal cells; dendritic cells alert other parts of our immune system, called our adaptive immunity, which helps out when more reinforcements are needed. It’s a diverse and powerful army all working together for our well-being.


If our immune system was successful 100% of the time, you’d think we would never get sick. Wouldn’t that be great? Not really! Getting sick is not only something that happens to each of us on occasion, it’s actually a crucial part of developing our powerful adaptive immune response. This is our immune system’s memory – when immune cells see something once, they remember it forever. So the next time we’re exposed our immune system will be faster and better at fighting it off.

If you're commonly under the weather, however, or often feel less than your best, your immune system may need some extra support and care.

Some of us find ourselves unwell on a far too regular basis, with all the daily demands of work, family, and kids — always so much to do and not enough time. Maybe we’re not sleeping enough. Not exercising enough. Not eating well enough. Enough of these ‘not enoughs’ can negatively affect our immune capacity. And then there’s the process of aging and its many challenges, which has been well-documented to impact how well our immune system responds.


Most of the time the body can successfully fight off a bug. It may take longer if we’re under stress or weakened, but eventually we get back to our healthy self.

There are also times when our immune system gets out of sync and out of balance; this is when deeper, more wide-reaching impacts throughout the body can occur. Ongoing immune system imbalances underlie many of today's modern health conditions.


So what can be done to support a healthy immune system?

For starters, take care of yourself as best as you can.

This will look different for everyone, but the foundations of health are simple. Sleep. Eat a nutritious diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Rest. Move your body. Drink lots of water. De-stress. Breathe.

With these basics in place, supplementing with some of nature’s best immune boosters, balancers, and protectors can provide essential added support. Our Immune Health™ formula is specially designed for deep, comprehensive support and is safe and potent for everyday use year-round.

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