Elderberry Fruit Extract

Black elderberries, also known as Sambucus, have a notable history of traditional use for immune support. Early settlers in North America and Europe made a thick syrup out of the dark purple berries to help soothe seasonal symptoms. Nowadays, black elderberry continues to be at the forefront of healthy immune and respiratory support. Specifically, highly standardized black elderberry extracts have rightfully earned a reputation as a go-to immune supporting botanical. Research shows that black elderberry has many highly beneficial attributes. For starters, the dark purple pigment of this berry reflects a very high percentage of anthocyanins. These flavonoids account for one of its key mechanisms of action: antioxidant support and free radical cleanup. Black elderberry also helps optimize immune cell communication as part of your healthy defense system.

We adhere to the strictest, certified organic standards in both the growing and SuperPure® processing of our standardized black elderberry extract. After peak harvesting, the fresh berries are filtered and concentrated into a rich syrup, then carefully dried at low temperature to maintain all the active goodness inside. The result is a high potency elderberry extract of the finest caliber yielding a standardized percentage of the very valuable immune-supporting polyphenols and anthocyanins.

A Year ago