Olive Leaf Extract

In ancient times, olive leaf was regarded as a cure-all tonic and has been used for centuries as a traditional plant medicine throughout the world. Today, the studies are in and proving the value of this coveted herb. While most people are familiar with the olive fruit and oil, the leaves bring their own set of benefits to the table. Scientists have discovered the antioxidant and immune-supportive compound called oleuropein, which is particularly rich in the olive leaf. It's no wonder that olive trees are especially hardy, disease and drought-resistant, typically living to be greater than 1,000 years old. Oleuropein is olive's powerful built-in defense compound, the very same one that can defend our bodies from oxidative damage and foreign invaders. That's why olive leaf is so good for busting free radical activity in our arteries and protecting our hearts, keeping our skin and brain cells nourished, and giving our immune system a boost against unwanted invaders.

Our certified organic olive leaf extract is made with only the finest, certified organic ingredients and our ecologically innovative SuperPure® extraction techniques. High quality olive leaf extracts are marked by oleuropein content of at least 15%. We use our SuperPure® extraction to concentrate oleuropein content to 18%. This provides you with a whopping 50 mg of organic oleuropein in each capsule of SuperPure® Olive.

11 Months ago