Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaves have been used throughout the word for centuries as a traditional herb to support and enhance wellness. Today, research has proven the abundant value of this coveted botanical. While fruit and oil of olives are most familiar, the leaves are particularly rich in the antioxidant and immune-supportive compound oleuropein. This potent polyphenol is one of the reasons that olive trees are especially hardy and drought-resistant, typically living to be greater than 1,000 years old. Oleuropein is olive's powerful built-in defense compound, the very same one that can help defend our bodies from free radicals, and help fight oxidative stress in our hearts, skin, and brain.

Our certified organic olive leaf extract is made with only the finest olive leaves through our ecologically friendly SuperPure® extraction technique. High quality olive leaf extracts are marked by oleuropein content of at least 15%, but our innovative SuperPure® extraction process concentrates a minimum of 18% oleuropein, giving you a powerful 45 mg of organic oleuropein in each serving of SuperPure® Olive.

A Year ago