Glucoamylase Enzyme

Glucoamylase is a carbohydrate specific digestive enzyme. Its primary function is to digest the starch and glycogen present in a carbohydrate-rich meal. It enhances the action of amylase and unlocks the nutritional value of food-based starches, ultimately helping to digest larger carbohydrates for cellular energy production.

Natural digestive enzymes are remarkably beneficial biological catalysts. They help us properly digest all the food we eat to liberate the nutrients needed for our optimal health and well-being. Different enzymes are needed to help us digest each of the diverse types of food compounds. Think of it as locks and keys—you need the right keys (enzymes) to fit into the dozens of different locks (food compounds that we eat every day) to open the doors for optimal, healthy digestion.

Our special glucoamylase digestive enzyme is naturally grown and fermented with a high potency of 50 AGU per capsule. All of our digestive enzymes are non-GMO, kosher, and highly purified. They are also free from preservatives and chemicals, and 100% vegetarian with absolutely no animal-based ingredients.

A Year ago